Ramsays and the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is chosen as the focal point around which feelings gush forth in all directions like the waves of the sea. Lashing prejudice, insecurity, uncertainty, anger and regret against the immovable rocks of the ground on which it stands impassively. As a beacon of steadiness, its ever watchful rays of light basks everyone and their chaotic inner selves with a sense of prevailing calm.


To the Lighthouse - PicMrs. Ramsay is of a simple constitution. She loves indulging in daily frivolities; ministering needs of her family of eight children, her husband and friends invited to their summer home on the Isle of Skye in Hebrides. Her household is a consecrated ground wherein she devotes herself to domesticity, managing everything – the meals are cooked and served properly, rooms are rid of shabbiness, garden is well-maintained, even husbanding financial resources. She is easily disquieted – chipping of a teapot to failing to engage her company can easily stir her composure. None the less, she is of an amiable personality, to which many people pay homage. Her beauty is charming to her admirers, to people who are endowed upon by her kindness, it is a balm. Continue reading “Ramsays and the Lighthouse”