Crochet: Cushion Motif

Cushion Motif_ Title Image

If you have an antiquated, dull couch sitting in your lounge and have no idea how to make it look less drab without re-upholstering it? Fret not! You can easily primp it up by adding some bright throw cushions. This is precisely how I managed to give mine a makeover, albeit not without a little help from crocheting skills. So, I set out to make some crochet motifs to embellish my otherwise plain fabric cushion covers and to get a nice textured, oriental looking cushions without much painstaking effort. The result – well, not too shabby! Continue reading “Crochet: Cushion Motif”


Crochet: Beanie

Beanie Hat

In order to continue the spirit of hand-crafting gifts for family and friends (the list seems to be unraveling in huge proportions), I’ve tried to experiment with more wearable-crochet. So, I ended up attempting to make a super easy beanie hat and it turned out well: It’s snug, perfect for toddlers/children, and it has much potential for customization. Continue reading “Crochet: Beanie”