Crochet: Cushion Motif

Cushion Motif_ Title Image

If you have an antiquated, dull couch sitting in your lounge and have no idea how to make it look less drab without re-upholstering it? Fret not! You can easily primp it up by adding some bright throw cushions. This is precisely how I managed to give mine a makeover, albeit not without a little help from crocheting skills. So, I set out to make some crochet motifs to embellish my otherwise plain fabric cushion covers and to get a nice textured, oriental looking cushions without much painstaking effort. The result – well, not too shabby! Continue reading “Crochet: Cushion Motif”


Crochet: Beanie

Beanie Hat

In order to continue the spirit of hand-crafting gifts for family and friends (the list seems to be unraveling in huge proportions), I’ve tried to experiment with more wearable-crochet. So, I ended up attempting to make a super easy beanie hat and it turned out well: It’s snug, perfect for toddlers/children, and it has much potential for customization. Continue reading “Crochet: Beanie”

Flower Adorned Headbands

Gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts that are more personalized and meticulously handcrafted? – this is where crochet comes in handy! After a long search for ideas to make perfect gifts for my friend’s little daughters, I came across some wonderful floral headbands. Now, headbands have been in vogue for times immemorial and thankfully, they are here to stay. They have great versatility for style, colours and textures and can be adorned by women of all ages. So, with all arguments commending, I set out to make my addition to this ever evolving accessory. Continue reading “Flower Adorned Headbands”

Gray-scale Mandala

For my first blog, I thought I should do about a craft I have just recently begun and yet, becoming more drawn to it progressively: Crochet.

Gray-scale Mandala
Gray-scale Mandala – Top view
This is my own version of mandala crocheted after being inspired by a similar mandala done by Gabriela.  The colour combinations highlight the monochromatic tone which is very aesthetically pleasing. Following the same idea, my version has focused on the gray-scale hue – the choice of colours was based on the theme of the room where I intended to place it.

Gray-scale Mandala
Gray-scale Mandala – Close up
I’ve used medium-weight yarn of shades silver-grey, black, white and dark-grey. I’ve used two different hook sizes : 4.0 mm and 4.5 mm. 4.0 for the first six rounds and then continued with 4.5 till the last round. It measures about 12 inches in diameter approximately – large enough for a  small coffee-table runner. It can also be used as wall hanging for an ornate decor.

Gray-scale Mandala
Gray-scale Mandala – A nice vintage look!
To make your own here is the link to the pattern – Made in K-town: Little Spring Mandala. An elaborate tutorial full of pictures easy to follow even for beginners.Feel free to post your own versions below in the comment section. Also, follow me on Pinterest for more inspirations for crocheters. Thank you and hope you liked my first blog!