Crochet: Cushion Motif

Cushion Motif_ Title Image

If you have an antiquated, dull couch sitting in your lounge and have no idea how to make it look less drab without re-upholstering it? Fret not! You can easily primp it up by adding some bright throw cushions. This is precisely how I managed to give mine a makeover, albeit not without a little help from crocheting skills. So, I set out to make some crochet motifs to embellish my otherwise plain fabric cushion covers and to get a nice textured, oriental looking cushions without much painstaking effort. The result – well, not too shabby!

Cushion Motif _ Collage

Materials used:

  • Yarn Specifications: Light-weight cotton yarn of varied shades. Choice of colours should be based on either contrasting shade or blending tone of the fabric used for covers . I used a chintzy fabric, so to avoid making it look motley coloured, I went with hues in tone with my fabric.
  • Hook size: A 4.00 mm crochet hook.


Each motif measures about 9″ in diameter. I do wish I’d made them a little larger but really make sure the size is not too disproportionate to the cushion size if you intend on placing it right in the middle.


With a vast choice of available motif patterns it becomes quite tricky to select once which is easy to whip up and similar to the print on my fabric. This pattern chart I used for the motif is basically for a top*. I extended it a bit to adjust the size of the motif; you can really play around with it until it appeals to your choice/taste.

Cushion Motif_Final Look

Well, that’s it for now. You can view my Crochet Haven page for more crochet crafts. Thank you.

* The link to website is broken, so I’ve added the image of the pattern instead.


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