Crochet: Beanie

Beanie Hat

In order to continue the spirit of hand-crafting gifts for family and friends (the list seems to be unraveling in huge proportions), I’ve tried to experiment with more wearable-crochet. So, I ended up attempting to make a super easy beanie hat and it turned out well: It’s snug, perfect for toddlers/children, and it has much potential for customization.

Yarns Used

Materials used:

  • Yarn Specifications: 8 ply multicoloured yarn, and a medium-weight yarn of shade pastel pink.
  • Hook Size: 4.00 mm


It measures about 19.5 inches in circumference and 6.5 inches in height – snug enough for a year old toddler.


For the hat I found a fairly easy crochet pattern chart. It’s not in English but the stitches are very simple so It should’t be hard to follow. For my measurement, I only did 8 rounds marked for the crown before doing the edge. Here’s the link:

Now for the bow there are numerous patterns available.There are different ways to do the bow, the one I used is crocheted in a round as opposed to single swatch of rows which would easily curl up on the edges when bunched up in the middle. It’s a step by step tutorial and you can adjust the number of rounds to make an appropriate sized bow. Here’s the link: Unravelled


That’s all for now, for more crochet project ideas be sure to follow me on Pinterest. Thank you.


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