Crochet: Beanie

Beanie Hat

In order to continue the spirit of hand-crafting gifts for family and friends (the list seems to be unraveling in huge proportions), I’ve tried to experiment with more wearable-crochet. So, I ended up attempting to make a super easy beanie hat and it turned out well: It’s snug, perfect for toddlers/children, and it has much potential for customization. Continue reading “Crochet: Beanie”


Jane Eyre: A Profile

Jane Eyre: orphaned at an early age, subjugated by her Aunt Reed to whose patronage she had been consigned after the death of her maternal uncle Mr. Reed, and then abandoned to Lowood School: a poorly run institution by a miserly stringent manager, had her childhood replete with mistreatment and oppression. However, these trials and tribulations couldn’t dampen her unfettered spirits, her resolve – instead roused in her passion to be her morale, truth her sword and decree of God her guide.

Jane Eyre: Papercut Art
Jane Eyre – Papercut Art

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